Sully Says: Baz makes great event 'bettah'

David Bazzel and Frank Broyles (KATV photo)

I wasn't surprised that David Bazzel knocked it out of the park as emcee of Saturday's event at Bud Walton Arena, celebrating Frank Broyles' amazing life.

I've seen Baz make events better for the past 30 years: TV shows like "SportsWeek," radio shows like "The Show with No Name," throw in the Little Rock Touchdown Club, the Broyles Award, appearances on every Razorback football related show on KATV and around 50 or 60 emceeing jobs a year.

Baz is that "secret sauce." He's always prepared and enthusiastic. That was the case again on Saturday.

The five speakers couldn't have executed the Broyles family's plan any better.

Former Chancellor Dan Ferritor showed us Frank Broyles "the university man." He recalled how he teamed up with Coach for a major fundraising event to help rebuild Old Main.

Quinn Grovey told us how Coach Broyles' Alzheimer's caregivers playbook was a useful tool in dealing with his mom, who was battling dementia.

Ken Hatfield talked about the Coach he played for and worked under. Frank Broyles made two dreams come true for Hatfield. He also talked about Coach Broyles' faith.

Coach Broyles' oldest son, Jack, talked about Dad. According to Jack, Coach worked long hours but missed very few family dinners. He detailed a moment late in his Dad's life, where Coach, who was in the later stages of Alzheimer's, addressed a winning Hog team for the final time. It came in Coach Broyles house when he was with Jack. Jack said Coach finished by leading a Hog call.

Each speaker raised the bar, then there was Jerry Jones.

No notes. This was Jerry from the heart. He was brilliant. I loved his closing line: "Long after they forget who won the championship, they will never forget the builders of men."

Baz made the transition from speaker to speaker seamless.

He was the perfect emcee. His goal was to please the Broyles family; deliver a performance that Coach would have liked.

Mission accomplished.

As Coach Broyles would say, "David made it bettah."

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