Sully Says: Learning more about Morris


Chad Morris is unique.

Most major college coaches played college football and got their coaching start on a college staff. Chad Morris didn't play college football and he learned the coaching trade in the high school ranks.

His 16-year Texas high school coaching record is crazy: 169 wins against only 38 losses.

What makes the record even more impressive is that he coached at five different schools. He didn't stay at one school longer than four seasons. His teams appeared in six state title games and won three. He was named coach of the year 11 times. In his last two years, he led Lake Travis high to back-to-back 16-0 seasons. He also coached five Division One college quarterbacks.

Looking at that run in Texas, you could make an argument that coach had the "it" factor.

What happened over the next two years is almost hard to believe.

Coach Morris went from making in the neighborhood of $120,000 a year to $1.3 million a year.

One great year at Tulsa was followed by a career-changing season at Clemson. He took an offense that was ranked 10th in the ACC in total yardage in 2010 and made it one of the best in the conference. The 2011 Tigers were first in the ACC in passing offense and second in both total offense and scoring offense.

More evidence of the "it" factor.

His salary skyrocketed from $400,000 a season to $1.3 million.

His offenses the next three seasons were among the nation's best.

In three seasons at SMU, his offense went from being ranked 115th in the country in scoring offense to 8th this season.

I wish I could say the SMU defense improved dramatically but that didn't happen.

My initial take on Coach: he's part teacher and part preacher. He's also a fun follow on Twitter. I had fun on Friday following his "Hog Huntin' in Texas" tweets.

Looking forward to learning more about the new Hog head coach.

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