Sully Says: Let's hammer down Saturday


One thing I have learned from hanging around David Bazzel on Hog game days: "Winning in the SEC is precious."

If you don't believe Baz, just ask the seniors on this team about their SEC success on their home turf. The four-year seniors on this team, like Hjalte Froholdt, have won a grand total of only four SEC games in Fayetteville over the last four seasons.

A win Saturday would be their signature win. It's an opportunity to get Chad Morris his first SEC win, and perhaps more importantly, they would get Baz's Golden Boot trophy back. There's nothing worse than looking at an empty trophy case.

7th-ranked LSU is the perfect opponent.

If I close my eyes, I can visualize so many improbable moments against the Tigers.

Matt Jones' toss to DeCori Birmingham in the "Miracle on Markham" is still one of the most-celebrated moments in Hog History. How about "Miracle on Markham two?" Bobby Petrino rolls the dice, he dials up a "go" route on an all or nothing 4th and one play late in the fourth quarter, Casey Dick threw a perfect ball to Cobi Hamilton in the back of the en dzone, and down goes LSU again. Then there was 2010. Six seconds to go in the half and Bobby Petrino says "why not?" Ryan Mallett lets it fly, Cobi Hamilton makes the catch and midfield and bang! Two LSU players collide and Hamilton completes a half-ending 80-yard touchdown play.

I have only two issues with Coach Morris this season.

Number one: he takes forever to address the media after games, win or lose. Veteran writers like _______ (I won't throw anyone under the bus), have even started timing him.

Then there's Coach Morris' "hammer down" philosophy. There's been a lot of talk about hammering down on Saturdays, but I've yet to see it. I hope everyone in the locker room approaches Saturday with an "everything to win, and nothing to lose" outlook.

I hope the players remember what Baz told the 2014 Hogs before they upset LSU for Bret Bielema's first SEC win. "When that game is over, I don't care if it's five of you, 10 of you, 20 of you, or all of you. I want you to run your a** down there to get that boot!"

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