Sully Says: More points scored, but defense still wins titles

Rawleigh Williams (KATV Photo)

Remember when the SEC was viewed as a low scoring, defensive conference?

The SEC went Big 12 this season.

Just look at some of the scores from rivalry weekend: 54-39, 55-20 and 45-34. This season, nine of the 14 SEC teams averaged 30 or more points a game.

One thing that hasn't changed: defense still wins championships.

The top four teams in the SEC in scoring defense: Alabama, Florida, Auburn and LSU. In the latest AP Poll, Alabama is ranked No. 1, Florida is No. 15, Auburn is No. 18 and LSU is No. 21.

Three of the top four scoring offenses in the league, Tennessee, Ole Miss and Texas A & M, are unranked. I should point out that Bama also has the number one scoring offense in the league.

The Hogs are ranked 10th in the league this season in scoring defense. You can be competitive with a high scoring offense, but it's going to be hard to win big without a solid defense.

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