Sully Says: Morris knocks it out of the park


    I may be in the minority, but I believe the Hogs 2-10 season helped in recruiting.

    The 4- and 5-star prospects of today are looking for two things. All have dreams of someday playing in the league, and they want early playing time. Many probably view themselves as "three years and out" candidates.

    All Chad Morris had to do was press play on the video from the Hogs last two games, and recruits would see that this team needs help, and they need it now.

    I have a term for Coach Morris' first season at Arkansas. It was his "zero" season.

    Very few recruits from his first recruiting class (which was rushed) made a real difference as a freshman. The team also failed to establish any kind of identity on either side of the ball.

    Did I expect a good class? Yes, but I didn't see Coach reeling in a class that ranked as the 12th best in the country.

    The most important statement in Coach Morris' signing day press conference was, "This is a line of scrimmage league." There is nothing worse than getting owned on the line of scrimmage, and that happened way too often last season.

    Thirteen of the 20 signees are lineman. Seven offensive lineman and six on the defensive front.

    Coach said one of his goals was to create competition at all positions. A year ago, it seemed like there was very little accountability. Good or bad performance, the starters seldom changed. The hope is this recruiting class, when it's finished, will address that issue.

    Looking at the big picture, this recruiting class gives this program, which is coming off a historically bad season, something very important - momentum.

    The goal now is to finish strong in February.

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