Sully Says: Most bizarre finish I've ever seen


Defense wins championships.

With Warren trailing 28-27 and the clock moving inside 10 seconds, Treylon Burks took off with the end zone in sight. Burks was on his way to putting the exclamation point on a "Shabazz" like championship game performance.

17 years ago, Basil Shabazz ran around, past and over the best defense in the state. He did it in eye-popping fashion. Shabazz scored five touchdowns that night. He looked like Secretariat at the Belmont.

Burks was unstoppable Saturday and only came off the field for Warren kickoffs.

He ran for 116 yards and accounted for 178 yards receiving. He also had 16 tackles and an interception. He scored four touchdowns, one less than Shabazz.

On the play in question, Burks was lined up in the shotgun formation. He couldn't find an open receiver on the left side of the field, so he sprinted right. There was only one Badger who had a shot to drop Burks.

Senior Dillion Scott is one of Arkadelphia's most trusted players. The 5'10", 150 pound defensive back got low and dropped the giant at the eight-yard line !!! The 6'3", 220-pound Lumberjack who hadn't been stopped by one man all day was in shock.

From that point on, chaos ensued.

Warren rushed to get set. With around four seconds to play, the play was stopped with Warren preparing to snap the ball. All eyes were on a crazed 16-year-old who had rushed the field.

I feel for the officials. I don't know if they could have made the "right " decision, one that was fair to both schools.

12 seconds were put back on the clock, and Warren was penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. I don't agree with the penalty. The fan did enter from the Warren side, but he came from the stands. In my opinion, a coach should only be responsible for the people on his sideline.

Warren ended up throwing an interception to end the game.

I have one big question that bothers me. What was Warren planning to do in the final four seconds? They were in a tight shotgun formation with no receivers split out wide. I would guess they were going to try to spike the ball. Spiking the ball from the shotgun in high school is illegal, but what if Burks was going to try to stop the clock with an incomplete pass. What if Warren was going to try to run for the touchdown?

You hate to end an epic championship game with questions.

Years from now, I hope when people talk about the controversial ending, they also mention Dillon Scott's heroic tackle and Treylon Burks' "Shabazz" like performance.

It is the most bizarre finish I've seen in my 30-plus years covering Arkansas High School football.

Note: Watch the highlights and see the bizarre ending here.

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