Sully Says: You play to win the game

Coach Bret Bielema

Arkansas is the only FBS team that hasn't made a field goal this season. I'm OK with that.

Coach B made a good point. In their last 10 trips to the red zone, they have scored nine touchdowns. I agree with Coach: six points is better than three.

Last Saturday, the Hogs passed up a couple of opportunities to attempt field goals. Coach B said he was just playing the percentages. He says several factors go into making a 4th down call. He said it is football's version of Moneyball.

How much fun is it watching the giant quarterback, Cole Kelley, trot onto the field on 4th and short?

I like the more aggressive philosophy. As former Jets coach Herm Edwards would say, "You play to win the game."

In his four-plus seasons at Arkansas, Coach B is 6-12 in games decided by 8 points or less. If that trend continues, Coach could be in trouble.

I think most would agree that the Hogs aren't talented enough to adopt a play "not to lose" mentality.

Let's go back to the Texas A & M game. It was momentum Aggies. There was 1:39 to go in the half, the Aggies had just scored to cut what was at one time a 21-7 deficit to 21-17. The Hogs had the ball at their own 39 with all three timeouts in their pocket. They lost a yard on first down and then let the clock run down.

If they were allowed a "do-over," Coach Bielema, using Herm's new "You play to win the game" philosophy, would turn Austin Allen loose and try to flip the momentum before halftime.

How about the TCU game? Early fourth quarter, Hogs are down 14-7 and have it 4th and goal at the TCU 2 yard line. The new aggressive Bret would have waved off the field goal team and rolled the dice on 4th down.

This is still a fragile team. Another close game could be in the works this coming Saturday in Columbia. Win or lose, I hope following the game that we can say the Hogs played to win the game.

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