Sully Says: Playing the "what if" game

    Arkansas lost to Ole Miss on a rainy Saturday night at War Memorial Stadium (KATV photo)

    It was early in the fourth quarter and the Razorbacks' sideline erupted in a big celebration. Ole Miss kicker Luke Logan had just missed a 28 yard field goal which would have cut the Hogs' lead to just six points.

    I had the same feeling as the players. What a great story for the 10 p.m. sports: the Hogs reward a raucous War Memorial crowd with Chad Morris' first SEC win.

    So much for what could have been. It's time to play the "what if" game.

    What if Ty Storey was able to finish the game?

    Every possession Ty started last night, the Hogs scored.

    To secure the win last night, all the Hogs needed was a few more first downs in the final 13 minutes. After Ty left, the Hogs went punt, punt and interception.

    Ty was lost on a second and 10 play with the Hogs up 33-24 , 13 minutes to go. Ty decided to fight for the first down instead of stepping out of bounds and avoiding what turned out to be a hit that ended his night. I could see risking a hit on third down, down nine, but not up nine on second down.

    I'm convinced that if Ty finishes this game, the Hogs win.

    Cole Kelley excelled in a short middle relief role, but the big guy wasn't up to being the closer last night.

    What if either Rakeem Boyd or Devwah Whaley were able to finish the game?

    I would love to see the YAC (yards after contact) for those two. Ole Miss had big problems tackling both backs. The Hogs lacked that power back option in the 4th quarter.

    From "what if " to "what is."

    This Hog team suffers from a serious lack of quality depth at several key positions. It's hard to finish strong when your starters are logging major minutes.

    I'll be interested to hear what John Chavis has to say on Monday.

    Sadly, when it mattered most, the Hog defense looked like that group that was historically bad last year.

    Ole Miss needed only 7 plays to go 97 yards in a minute and 20 seconds for the winning score. Coach Morris has two words for that kind of play: it's unacceptable.

    What if the Hogs had won last night? I wouldn't be playing the "what if" game today.

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