Sully Says: Playmakers Needed

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    It was sadly ironic that on a weekend where one of the greatest play makers in Razorback history, Steve Atwater, spoke to the Hogs, they lost because they failed to make any "big " plays during Colorado State's unlikely fourth quarter run.

    Former Razorback great Quinn Grovey, who made all kinds of big plays in his brilliant Hog career, insists that the quarterback has to be a play maker for the Chad Morris offense to run at a high level.

    Through two games, Ty Storey and Cole Kelley have had some good moments, but neither have shown us that they will thrive in the Morris offense. During the off-season, we heard all about the RPO: the run-pass option for the offense, which is executed by the quarterback and is so hard to defend. I don't think I've seen one true RPO play in the first two games.

    TJ Hammonds is the only real proven play maker on offense. His ratio of big plays to offensive touches is amazing.

    Coach Morris is hoping that his veteran defensive backs, Santos Ramirez and Ryan Pulley, will emerge as consistent play makers. Neither was able to make that game changing play last night.

    Two potential play makers, Dre Greenlaw and Randy Ramsey, were missing from the defense last night. Quality depth is still an issue on both sides of the ball.

    Play makers are needed.

    Are any of these 2018 Hogs ready to join that long list of big play Hogs that includes former greats like Atwater, Grovey, Jones, Lucas, Bua, Flowers, Mallett, Stoerner, McFadden and Hamlin?

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