Sully Says: QB situation is.....

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    It seems like it was months ago. Ty Storey went "Tyler Wilson" in the second quarter against Eastern Illinois. The former Landers Award winner hit 10 of 14 passes for 214 yards and three scores in one 15 minute period. He provided that "spark" Chad Morris was looking for from a quarterback.

    While taping a post game report that night, Baz and I got to see Ty leave the stadium. The redshirt junior from Charleston was all smiles as he made his way across the turf. It was like his victory lap.

    Last night, Ty Storey was a big post game story again.

    This time, for not taking a snap. Not once during the week leading up to the game did the coaches mention anything about losing confidence in Ty.

    I can't imagine how he felt going home Saturday night.

    Chad Morris' reasoning for not playing Ty.: "I did not want to put Ty in that situation with them being down that far.

    "That was my decision to go with Connor."

    Maybe I'm reading this way wrong, but I didn't view coach's comments as a vote of confidence for Ty.

    Cole Kelley can't feel much better.

    Getting booed by your home crowd is something a college player should never have to experience. Four interceptions will also shake your confidence.

    Despite getting sacked five times, Greenwood's own Connor Noland showed promise. He moved quickly and confidently in the pocket and delivered one big time throw. I'm an avid Fit Bit guy. I wonder how many steps he logged trying to avoid the Mean Green.

    It had to be a wild scene in the Jones family box when John Stephen pulled off a "wow" moment when he raced 15 yards. That high was followed by the first pick six of his college career.

    Add it up and the Razorback QB situation is...... I'll let you fill in the blank.

    What's ahead for Auburn week?

    Is Cole Kelley still the guy? Do we go back to the Storey-Kelley tag team? Will they roll the dice with Connor Noland?

    Chad Morris gets paid $3.5 million a year to make these decisions.

    It could be one interesting week in the quarterback room.

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