Sully Says: Ragnow challenges teammates

Frank Ragnow (KATV photo)

I am a huge Frank Ragnow fan.

He is a man of many talents. Did you know he can throw a football 75 or 80 yards? I've seen him do it several times in pre-game. This may be the game to line up Frank in shotgun formation and tell him to let it fly.

Frank also has a reality show on YouTube.

When Captain Frank speaks, people listen. He was talking on Tuesday. The all-everything center has had all he can take.

The South Carolina loss was an embarrassment for the offensive line. They got pushed around. They allowed the Gamecock D to beat up their quarterback. The unit also got called out by their head coach.

Following practice on Tuesday, Ragnow challenged the manhood of his linemates. "This week I’m really trying to emphasize that with all four other guys, it’s going to be physical,” Ragnow said. “Refuse to get beat. Scratch, claw, no matter what. I want to be the most physical five out there.”

You may have already given up on Coach B, but how can you stop pulling for someone like Frank Ragnow? He has at least seven, hopefully, eight games left in his Razorback career.

Coaches will tell you that being physical is a mindset. A good example of that came in the South Carolina game. The biggest blow delivered by a Hog came on the screen pass to David Williams that should have resulted in six points. Redshirt freshman receiver Deon Stewart, who listed at 162 pounds, lit up a South Carolina defender.

On paper, the next two games are bad physical match-ups.

Alabama and Auburn are teams that like to break your will with their power running game.

Top-ranked Bama is up first. The Tide is averaging 301 yards a game rushing.

A year ago, Bama rushed for 264 yards in a 49-30 win over the Hogs. Two weeks later, Auburn ran all over the Hog D. The Tigers rushed for 543 yards in a 56-3 rout.

Man up or man down, we will know more in two weeks.

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