Sully Says: SEC West fans aren't happy

Rawleigh Williams III high-fives Arkansas fans after scoring four touchdowns against Mississippi State (KATV Photo)

The SEC West is home to a bunch of unsatisfied fans.

Which school has the most frustrated fans?

The Aggies get the top spot.

Do you remember when Texas A&M was in the top four of the College Playoff Rankings? Back-to-back losses to Mississippi State and Ole Miss have many in Aggie country wondering if A&M will ever finish a season strong under Kevin Sumlin.

Rebel fans are a close second.

Ole Miss fans were excited about finishing a disappointing season on a high note with freshman quarterback Shay Patterson leading the way. After an impressive first game, some were comparing him to Johnny Manziel. On Saturday, Vandy whipped Ole Miss 38-17. Now, the Rebels need a win over rival Mississippi State to get bowl eligible. No fun this season in Oxford.

I have LSU fans in the third spot.

Say it isn't so, Coach O. Saturday started with Leonard Fournette shoving a Florida assistant coach; it ended with the Tigers unable to punch it in from the Gator one yard line. Three trips inside the Florida five resulted in a total of only three points. Nothing worse for LSU fans than seeing Florida celebrate a division title in Baton Rouge.

I have Hog fans next.

The Hogs are 7-4, but I don't think the majority of Hog fans would label this a "successful" season. The margin in the four losses and shaky defensive play top the list of worries in Hog country.

Auburn backers come in at number five.

No team, outside of Alabama, had more momentum than Auburn. Six straight wins. It looked the Tigers were poised to make a real run at the Crimson Tide in the Iron Bowl, but they tripped over their last big pre-Bama hurdle, losing 13-7 at Georgia. Now, the Tigers are a three-touchdown underdog against Bama.

I have Bama fans at number six.

Anything short of a dominating performance on both sides of the ball, and Tide fans squawk. Last Saturday, the Bama offense struggled at times against Chattanooga, so Lane Kiffin's play-calling has been questioned by some "concerned" supporters.

I'm going with Bulldog fans as the least frustrated group.

Mississippi State is probably getting the type of post-Dak Prescott season they expected. I'd label Bulldog fans as mildly disappointed with the Bulldogs 4-7 season.

I don't know about the rest of the coaches, but you won't find Coach Bielema complaining about this season. He is still high on his Hogs. After the Mississippi State game, Coach pointed out again just how much he likes this team. He loves their attitude and admires their resiliency.

Freshman tight end Grayson Gunter is from Madison, Mississippi. Saturday night, I think half of Madison was there to see Grayson play. Coach B made sure Grayson got an opportunity to make a play, and he ended up making his first catch as a Hog. Little things like that mean a lot to this Coach.

You won't catch Coach B apologizing for their 7-4 record. He's a big picture guy. He knows that college football is a bottom line business. It's all about wins and losses. The Hogs should end the season with either 8 or 9 wins. The Vegas number for the win total this season was 7.5.

11 weeks into the season, happiness is hard to find in college football's most competitive division.

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