Sully Says : SEC Media Days


I have only one gripe when it comes to the SEC Media Days experience.

The opening statement.

The time on Ed Orgeron's opening " statement" was somewhere around 17 minutes.

Someone needs to tell Coach O that it's " media" days.

I would love to see the opening statement replaced by three questions put together by a panel of respected journalists.

No softballs from the hometown media. Three solid questions to start each session.

The Arkansas media had it the easiest.

Coach B is made for Media Days. He's fully engaged. Entertaining and emotional. These are two qualities that are missing from just about every other coach in the conference.

The three seniors who traveled to Birmingham gave me material that will last for weeks. All three have good stories.

Austin Allen's journey is unique for a highly rated quarterback. A red-shirt season, followed by two years as a backup, and finally two years as a starter. You won't find another starting QB in the SEC with his story.

I wouldn't trade Austin for any other quarterback in the country.

His toughness was a hot topic on Monday. We found out that Austin played center on his 4th-grade football team. He also made it clear that if he is physically able, he won't be coming out of any games this season. He waited three years for an opportunity to play and has only one year left, and he doesn't want to miss a snap.

Frank Ragnow's first words when he looked up and saw about 25 cameras focused on him, " Holy Crap".

Frank came prepared for Media Days.

This trip was about showing his love for his coach, his teammates, and his youtube hunting show, " Grizzly Man Outdoors ". Frank's dad, Jon, who died last October, told his son to shoot for the best of both worlds. Frank's ultimate goal is to make it to the NFL and have a successful hunting show. I'm not going to bet against the best center in college football.

Undersized and under-recruited. That's Kevin Richardson.

From walk-on to scholarship player to a captain to SEC Media days. This is Disney movie material. We learned that part of Kevin's drive to succeed was fueled by some comments on a recruiting board. He was labeled as too small and too slow.

The most impressive Media days fact. Before leaving for Birmingham, all three got in a 5 AM workout.

My Media Days experience wouldn't have been the same without Hoover's Mr. Congeniality, David Bazzel and KATV's ace photojournalist, Tony Ranchino.

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