Sully Says: Storey makes most of opportunity

    Ty Storey (KATV photo)

    Four weeks ago, Chad Morris and Joe Craddock decided to go all in with Cole Kelley. The plan was scrapped after North Texas trounced the Hogs 44-17.

    Ty Storey didn't take a single snap on that Saturday. Since then, the red-shirt junior from Charleston has taken just about every offensive snap.

    Auburn, Texas A&M and Alabama. All three had the same game plan: hammer the quarterback. You would have to ask Ty which Sunday morning was worse. I would guess getting out of bed on the Sunday following the Auburn game was no fun. Ty's mom admitted Saturday that watching her son get hit so much hasn't been easy.

    Ty hasn't just survived the beating; he's started to thrive in an offense that hasn't been exactly "quarterback friendly."

    Ty and the offense have made progress each week.

    Saturday's numbers against the best defense they have faced this season were pretty impressive: 31 points, 22 first downs, 405 yards and on third downs, they converted 6-12 opportunities. Winning numbers against most teams. What did Nick Saban say? "It doesn't feel like a win when Alabama allows 31 points."

    I think we saw Saturday one reason Chad Morris is making the big bucks. I think most would agree that he out-schemed Nick Saban.

    Ty deserves credits for executing those schemes to near perfection. Bama never really solved the Hogs screen game. Effective screen passes require a quarterback to sell the fake, wait for the play to develop and take a shot if necessary. Ty took a few shots for the team on Saturday.

    On Saturday, he checked every box. Ty made good decisions,he threw the ball well,he was a strong runner and avoided sacks. The big blemish on what was otherwise a very solid Saturday for Ty was the fumble at the Bama one yard line as the Hogs look poised to make it a 21-14 game.

    Ty has shown poise and confidence under incredible pressure.

    Cole Kelley deserves credit too. He can't be happy with getting limited snaps, but you wouldn't know it watching him on Saturdays. He's in every huddle, and when he's called upon in short yardage situations, he's been effective. He went "Tim Tebow" yesterday and threw a dart to CJ O'Grady for a touchdown. He is the team's best short yardage option.

    It's taken three plus years, but Ty Storey has finally gotten his opportunity to run the Razorback offense and he's made the most of it.

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