Sully Says: Super Sid delivers again!


It's been almost 20 years, but I remember it like it happened yesterday.

We were in the final moments of the "Sidney Moncrief show," which we taped after a Saturday night Little Rock Trojans game at Alltel Arena (Verizon Arena). Sidney asked if he could close out the show with a half court, hook shot. He let it fly and it caromed off the front of the rim. Sidney quickly collected the rebound, backed up and ended the 30 minute show by draining a hook shot from half court. It was nothing but net for the greatest Razorback ever.

Fast forward to last Thursday. Sidney was the featured speaker at the Arkansas Basketball Coaches Association annual banquet.

It was 20 minutes before the program was set to start and the former Hall High great was in game mode. He approaches his speaking engagements the same way he attacked opponents during his playing career. He wanted to make sure everything was just right before he launched into his 15 minute "how to be great" presentation.

There were three Razorback signees in the crowd. I hope Isaiah Joe, Ethan Henderson and Desi Sills were locked into Sidney as he worked the stage like it was Barnhill Arena. He went side to side, waiving those long arms. Watching him in action on Thursday, at 60 years old, made me wonder what he was like to play against 35 years ago. It had to be 40 minutes of hell for his opponents.

Sidney's message to the best high school players in the state? "You don't know what it takes to be great." That comes from someone who should know.

Sidney shared his daily off-season work regimen.

He would wake up at 6 AM. His first stop was the track, and a stop watch was a must. Sidney ran timed sprints. Then it was off to the weight room for a few hours. Everything was a competition. The goal, he said, wasn't just to get better over the summer, it was for constant improvement. He spent the majority of his days in the gym, sharpening his skills.

The sad reality of this night? Most of these high school stars probably have no idea just how good Sidney Moncrief was as a Razorback and a Milwaukee Buck.

A consistent scorer, who many have called the greatest defender of his era in the NBA. The consummate team player.

I left the event knowing one thing: Super Sid can still deliver when the lights are on.

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