Sully Says: Tackling Goliath

Cole Kelley vs. Alabama (KATV photo)

During the 1991-92 hoop season, top-ranked UNLV stormed into Barnhill Arena and beat the second-ranked Hogs 112-105. The Running Rebs secured the victory by outscoring Arkansas 66-55 in the second half. Following the game, UNLV star Larry Johnson had a message for Nolan Richardson: "Go recruit some men."

At times Saturday night in Tuscaloosa, it looked like men against boys.

David Bazzel got an up-close look at the Tide before the game. Baz says Bama players don't just pass the eye test; they set the bar.

The best barometer of manhood on the football field are rushing numbers. Both Coach B and King Nick believe in power football. Saturday night, Bama got the push when they needed it, and the Hogs got pushed back. Bama rushed for 308 yards, and the Hogs were limited to just 27 rushing yards on 29 attempts.

Bama is in the SEC with Arkansas, but when it comes to power football, they are in a different league. That wasn't the case two years ago.

Let's go back to October 14th, 2015. The Hogs played at 9th ranked LSU. They physically dominated a Tiger team that featured tailback Leonard Fournette. It was " Bielema Ball" at it's best. The Hogs rushed for 299 yards and held LSU to 59 yards. That game tape needs to be required viewing for members of this offensive line.

I know fans don't want to hear it, especially now, but the Hogs should be more equipped to tackle Goliath in 2018. Back in the summer, someone very close to Coach B told me that he thought they were a year away from doing big things.

Next season will be the first time in the Bielema era at Arkansas that they will return the majority of starters on both sides of the ball. We all know that doesn't guarantee success, but they should be more equipped to physically battle Bama.

Like it or not, this season, Coach B has to deal with the reality of having a team that doesn't look like it has the muscle needed to push around many SEC opponents.

Someone, maybe Coach, talked about the possibility of having three 1,000 yard rushers this season. Through six games, those three backs are on pace to rush for less than 600 yards this season.

Fans are frustrated and they should be. Coach B has over-promised and under-delivered. Both lines were supposed to be much improved. We've yet to see that through six games.

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