Sully Says: There are a lot of good Dads!


I spent my Saturday around a lot of good dads.

It started with my annual Father-Child mini golf tourney. I saw plenty of dads sweat over tricky putts. This tourney is all about building memories.

My Saturday ended with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's All-Arkansas preps banquet. It's a great event, honoring the best players and coaches from every sport. The room was full of good dads; men who are heavily invested in their child's athletic career.

I'm fortunate. I live in a world where just about everybody I know is proud of their dad.

Dads who care about their kids. I was lucky to have a dad who did a good job caring about six kids.

I remember growing up and hearing my friends brag about their dads. It was kind of annoying then. 50 years later, it brings a grin to my face.

These days, it's fun to hear the first time dads brag on their kids. Two of my favorite TV dads, Chris Kane and Roger Susanin, are celebrating Father's Day for the first time as dads. The only guarantee for these two is that those babies will grow up fast.

My babies are now 27 and 31. Ouch!

Today is a fun day. Facebook and Twitter will be full of pictures and stories about dads.

Dads who care.

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