Sully Says: Time for game-day makeover

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If I were in charge of a major college football program, I would never announce the number of "scanned" tickets at a football game.

That announcement is a reminder of how many ticket buyers aren't coming to the stadium. On Saturday in Fayetteville, the scanned ticket number was a little over 40,000. I think the number of tickets purchased was around 54,000.

Why are so many ticket buyers passing up the game? The 1-6 record and the 11 a.m. kick-off don't help, and Tulsa isn't exactly a marquee opponent.

Then there's the in-game stadium experience.

I cringe every time that guy with the clock steps on the field. The commercial break countdown clock. That 2 minutes and 30 seconds can seem like an eternity.

Tick- tock, tick- tock.

The truth is that the U of A does nothing special to make the in-stadium game day experience memorable.

I know he's the busiest man in Arkansas on Hog game day, but I would like Athletic Director Hunter Yurachek to spend one quarter on Saturday with some fans in section 504. I would be interested to hear what he had to say about his experience.

I urge the U of A to look around the country and see what some other programs are doing to make game day more fun.

It's not always the biggest, most expensive things that work. I continue to be amazed with the popularity of the T-shirt gun at college basketball games. If I were in charge, I might look into getting the world's biggest T-shirt launcher. Go big or go home!!! Rakeem Boyd races into the end zone and boom!!! T-shirts are sailing into the South end zone.

Reynolds-Razorback stadium is a great venue with two huge video boards. I can think of several ways to use those boards to entertain fans on Saturday. In the fourth quarter of a Hog blowout win, we could search for the most "disinterested" fan.

Old video clips are always fun. During an SEC game, let's remind fans how great Hog football can be. LSU is coming to Fayetteville. We could remind the Tigers that the Hogs "brought the wood" in 2007.

Look into hiring a game day DJ or an in -stadium host. Fans could hear interviews with former Hog greats who come back, like Darren McFadden, Trey Flowers and Ryan Mallett.

The U of A needs to adopt Chad Morris' standard for the in-game experience. Only settle for the best!!!

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