Sully Says: Morris is fan of Hog fans everywhere

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    Attitude is everything.

    Chad Morris doesn't go into anything unprepared. He knew his words about playing at War Memorial would be examined closely. His first comments on Monday about playing in Little Rock: "I cannot wait to go down to our 'home' stadium in Little Rock."

    I loved Coach Bielema, but suggesting that Little Rock was a road game was a big mistake. Losing games you should have won at War Memorial was a bigger mistake.

    Coach Morris hasn't missed an opportunity to point out the passion of Hog fans. I think he's started every Razorback event he's attended by noting the enthusiasm of a hungry fan base.

    He's not a fan counter.

    Ticket scanners at Reynolds-Razorback stadium have pointed out something that is an issue in a lot of programs around the country. I think the announced attendance for the Alabama game was around 62,000; the scanned tickets were in the neighborhood of 49,000. Thousands of fans are staying home or are stuck at their tailgate spot.

    It wasn't a big crowd, but it was a good crowd. Bama's early 21-0 onslaught wasn't enough to take them out of the game. The reality is that the "big" crowds will come only when the program starts to win again.

    I have no idea when War Memorial had it's last "hard" sellout for a Razorback game.

    I thought it was interesting that Coach asked everyone to be in their seats by kickoff. He's been warned. Little Rock has earned the reputation of being a great tailgating spot, sometimes too good.

    My prediction for Saturday is that win or lose, 44,000 or 54,000 fans, Chad Morris will start his post game press event by thanking the fans for a wonderful night.

    He gets it.

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