Sully Says: Hogs need to bring home the "ship"

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What the Baseball Razorbacks have done this season is amazing.

They have reached a point that only one other Hog baseball team has attained. Current homegrown Hogs, like Carson Shaddy and Blaine Knight, have probably heard stories about the 1979 Hogs, the only other Hog baseball team to play in the finals.

The 1979 team, which featured the great Kevin McReynolds, lost to Cal. St. Fullerton in the championship series.

Hall of Fame coach Norm Debriyn can remember every at bat from the Hogs World Series ending 2-1 loss.

Coach can tell you how frustrating it is to come so close to experiencing your ultimate goal and falling short.

The cruel reality of this tourney is that only one team will leave Omaha with a winning feeling.

I remember the 1994 Hoop championship vividly. An over the top locker room celebration was topped by an unbelievable scene at the Hogs team hotel. I have so many great memories of Charlotte.

My lasting memory of the 1995 title game in Seattle is a little different. I remember following Nolan, Corliss Williamson and Scotty Thurman to the interview room. The players will tell you that was the longest walk of their careers.

Dave Van Horn is on the back end of a Hall Of Fame career. He knows first hand how difficult it is to get to this point. There are no guarantees that he will have another team play for a title.

I have never heard Coach say what winning a national title would mean to him. I hope we find out on Tuesday or Wednesday night.

I like what Blaine Knight said after the game. The goal wasn't to just play for a national title. His plan is to bring the 'ship back to Fayetteville.

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