Waiting for snow in Little Rock? It happens the most on these dates

A few dates have seen more snow than others in Little Rock (Photo: MGN)

Little Rock is no winter wonderland. But on a few dates, the chance to make a snowman or go sledding has been greater than others.

KATV meteorologist Todd Yakoubian examined weather data between 1875 and 2016 and found that Jan. 18 and Feb. 8 were the dates with the most recorded instances of snow. Both had snowfall on 10 occasions.

"If you put a bet on which day we're going to have our first snow, or at least bet which day we're going to have snow in the calendar year, those are the two days you put your money on, according to history," Yakoubian said.

The dates with the second-most recorded instances of snow were Jan. 7, Jan. 21 and Feb. 6. Each had about nine days of snowfall during that 141-year period.

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